Stephen Blais

Moving Orléans Forward

Investing in School Construction

After Doug Ford delayed investments in building new schools there is alot of catching up to do. We will invest $8 billion in school construction, over 5 years, to build new schools and upgrade older schools, including right here in Orléans.


Expanded Health Care Services

Doug Ford’s Conservatives made major cuts to Public Health.  We’ll expand health care services and invest in innovative new approaches such as the Orléans Health Hub to support seniors and young families.


Restore the Green Economy

Investing in green technology is good for the environment and it is good for the economy. We will invest in making Ontario the leader in the green economy to create jobs right here in Ontario.


Standing up for Ottawa & Orléans

Ottawa was being short changed by the Ford Government.  Stephen has stood up to the Conservatives and demanded that Ottawa receive our fare share of vaccines and investments to manage the pandemic.


Affordable Childcare

Too many families are stretched to afford childcare. We will deliver $10-a day childcare and before & after school care helping 130,000 Ontario parents return to the workforce. This will also save $10,000 a-year for the average Ontario family.


COVID-19 Education Recovery Plan

✅ Smaller class sizes, capped at 20

✅ Stability by prioritizing in-person learning

✅ Support for students to close learning gaps

Plotting a real recovery for our public education system goes hand in hand with Ontario’s economic recovery. When our future generations are able to start life with a world class education, they become a world class workforce, and we all benefit from a stronger economy.

Meet Stephen

Stephen has dedicated much of his professional life to public service to the residents of Orléans and Cumberland.

He has served the residents of Orléans as MPP, City Councillor and School Trustee.

He is widely seen as someone who delivers and can get things done.

Like him or not, Blais is getting things done.

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