As our healthcare system faces unprecedented levels of pressure and emergency rooms continue to close across the province, Doug Ford and his Minister of Health, Sylvia Jones, remain missing in action.

For months, emergency rooms and ICUs have struggled to remain open as they operate with reduced staff and limited resources, leaving healthcare workers overworked and burnt out. Nurses, doctors and patients have pleaded for this government to take action and fix the crisis facing our healthcare system, but closures continue to persist across the province.

3 weeks ago, Ontario Liberals called on Doug Ford to take action, providing steps that could be taken now to reduce pressure on the healthcare system and help prevent further collapse in the fall. Since then, 20 hospitals and health centres have faced emergency department closures.

“There is no excuse for this government’s inaction,” said Dr. Adil Shamji, MPP for Don Valley East. “As the Premier and Minister of Health, they should be standing front and center to fix this ongoing crisis, yet Doug Ford and Sylvia Jones are consistently nowhere to be found.”

“By repeatedly ignoring the needs of our healthcare system and not valuing our healthcare workers, their neglect is compromising care for patients across Ontario,” added Dr. Shamji.

Ontario Liberals have again outlined steps Doug Ford and his Government must take immediately to prevent further closures and alleviate the current strain on our healthcare system:

  • Prioritizing recruitment and retention of healthcare workers by repealing Bill 124 and increasing mental health supports.
  • Expedite the credentialing process of foreign-trained healthcare workers to help address staffing shortages.
  • Provide 10 paid sick days for all Ontarians.
  • Relieve pressure on hospitals by increasing resources to primary care, community agencies and long-term care facilities.

“We have healthcare workers leaving at an alarming rate and new emergency rooms closing every week,” said John Fraser, MPP for Ottawa South. “Through their absence and silence, the message Doug Ford is sending to frontline healthcare workers is that they don’t care.”

“Frontline healthcare workers deserve answers, and Doug Ford and Sylvia Jones must immediately address the emergency room closures and outline what the government is doing to fix this crisis,” continued Fraser.