QUEEN’S PARK – Today, Premier Ford introduced his new Cabinet. We would like to congratulate all those who have been appointed and trust that they will uphold the important responsibilities that come with the office they now hold.

Ontario Liberals will work with the Government on measures that matter to Ontarians and their families, and we will continue to hold the government accountable when they fall short.

We have outlined our priorities for the upcoming legislative session:

  • The Government must take measures to provide economic relief to Ontarians and their families as we face an affordability crisis, especially for those who are most vulnerable to the current economic pressures.
  • Repeal Bill 124 and address the crisis in healthcare human resources.
  • Our children and their education have suffered during this pandemic. We must do all that we can to ensure our schools are safe and great places to learn and grow.
  • Ontarians need and deserve a real plan to address climate change.
  • It’s the Government’s responsibility to ensure that we are ready for subsequent waves of COVID-19 and that measures are in place to protect all Ontarians, especially those who are most vulnerable.

We hope for a collaborative relationship with the Government and all other parties to ensure the most effective decisions are made to benefit the people that we have been entrusted to serve.